Human Nature Songtext - Og Maco

Human Nature - Og Maco

I’m thinking elevated, smoking medicated
Drinking medicated, we been living crazy
Dodging Billy Jeans, it’s just human nature
I’m the bad guy, and the [?]
All for the dream, from the block to fader
We ain’t say we famous, we just seeing paper
It’s in our human nature, I’m thinking elevated
Smoking medicated, drinking medicated

[Verse 1]
I don’t know where my comp is, no trace of my PC
OG told me don’t dump clips, just and aim and squeeze and watch the rest happen
Same tactics when I started rapping, I was still trapping, capping, finding whoops
They been non flexing, selling half truths, molly calling, just molly popping
To make it worse we got money problems, securing profit by any means
Is my mindset, stacking dollars on green [?], bloodline my benefactors
My generation all loose cannons, just knocked and there’s no answer
Words eat em like throat cancer, she eat cock like coke backwards [?]
When I stroke slow she cum faster, that’s pussy basics
But she let my gang fuck, straight A’s for participation
Pill bottle my marijuana, douple cup my liquidation
OG Mac cause I earned that, young [?] but my skin black
Been trill but this a mixed track, and Mac will like Mike did
I was road running when I didn’t rap, now this tour bus is my new trap
Logic pro is my new stove, Soundcloud is my new scale
People say that I’m arrogant, that’s fear in them if I do tell


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