Priceless Songtext - Og Maco

Priceless - Og Maco

[Produced by Cardo]

[Hook: OG Maco]
Life so lavish you can’t pay for it
It’s a lot of niggas want it that ain’t made for it
Sirens in the beat make ya grab the blammer
More obsessed with grams fuck the proper grammar
Know that money coming like its on the planner
Over 9000 when he checked the scouter
I’m just a young nigga wielding all this power

[Verse 1: OG Maco]
My Brooklyn homie here we facing all this dour
In the city like the peach drop
We just eaten feastin chew chew it
But its hard to swallow
Used to pull up in that Monte Carlo
Golden Road no El darado
Me and Jr Danny whippin probably
A ok tryna cop a audi
A7 my hindparts
Last name my brother name
So we stunt on niggas bout twice as hard
I was birthed by college park
Make wide ruled and school y’all
No cage in this pool sharks just a AR
All ready
Got the reaper wit me and we so deadly
Prada pippin when the shells drop
Where were you when Give Em Hell dropped


[Verse 2: JerZ]
I'ma start off sayin' sorry
But really I'm not, and you really should shop
With someone who shops with me
Cause there's levels to this and I'm sittin' on top
Murder, C and I cremate tracks
They call me JerZ, aka the reaper
Born illmatic, I'm stillmatic
So every day I give 'em ether
In my army I'm the tool man
If you want home improvement, go and call for Tim
All these straps just don't make sense
Lord please forgive me for my sins
The life I live, you can't pay for it
I could end your life, it'd be super cheap
I count cash and they count sheep
Damn son, they super sleep
That's just motivation, I welcome hate
Pitchfork and that big C
We ball hard, that's the fuckin' 8
I get lesbians and I fuck 'em straight
Like I'm the future that was just the past
Sticky fingers from these fuckin' bags
Dirty thumbs from a hundred racks


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