UNDEFEATED Songtext - Og Maco


[Hook: OG Maco]
How they ‘posed to win [5x]
These niggas keep on asking, these bitches keep on guessing
But how they ‘posed to win, how they ‘posed to win
See these niggas hating, see these niggas faking
That ain’t how you do it, bitch you gotta prove it
How they gon' win [4x]

[Verse 1: Zip K]
My main bitch just got a bitch, damn bitch, ain’t that bout a bitch
Bitches running game while I mix Hennessey and Gatorade by the bench
How these niggas finna plot to win, Maco boy it make a lot of sense
My main lady lost some booty weight, told her come back to me when she not as thin

[Verse 2 – Zip K]
Midway Package getting so expensive
Lucky ass straight got some quotas in it
Niggas popping and they know they’re sinning
Sorry I don’t pay them no attention
All my shit I rap I rap for you
Girl that shit ain’t true and bitch you know it isn’t
Ride the shotty girl with nappy papi
Head on the yacht would make the captain happy
Sex my fashion, I’m a dapper daddy
Only pageant baddies in the paddywagon
I might pull over, fuck a bitch in fuckin traffic
OGG, this shit is fucking tragic
Pull them niggas corpse up out the fucking casket
Then re-body bag them just to put them back in
How they gon win my nigga
How they gon win my nigga
I don’t give a fuck bout your new shit
I’m not your friend my nigga

[Verse 3 – OG Maco]
Stripper [?], pot full with gold
This the life of doing what you want
Fuck what you’re told, losing getting old
Money getting more, [?] killing Manziel Kennedy
Bitches feel me like some tight brakes
Ripple ripple now we start the wave
Trickle down how you getting paid, that’s a damn shame
How you bossing with no dossier, we been bossing niggas every play
Going for it when it’s fourth and 8, first 48, now the record’s straight
Tell them niggas we gon regulate, tell them niggas we gon regulate
Tell them niggas that it’s all ours but them fuck niggas they gon still hate


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