Half Hero Songtext - Oh Land

Half Hero - Oh Land

I’m alone with my desire
I’m a saint and I’m a liar
Shoot the water on the fire
Burning hot, heaven help me out
I’m at peace and I’m a fighter
Pull the trigger, throw the flowers (flowers)
Always swimming to the light
Demon die!
Let me do it right


Always in the middle of it
One foot forward, one to the left
What will I become from this
Half hero, half thief
Preaching morals, mental spin
Justifying every sin
What will I become from this
Half hero, half thief
How can I?
Can I go?
Come with me
Leave me alone

Touch me I’m a live wire
Am I preaching for the choir
Be a doer not a trier
As you please, give a little peace
Running low on “second chances”
See my skeleton dances (dances)
Oh, tomorrow I’ll be older
Promise now, just another try


Hot mouth
Bad mouth
Does it help to let it all out
Slip right
Off your tongue
Secrets kept in for too long
Hot mouth
Bad mouth
Scream out from the top of your lungs
Stainless angels
Lift me up now, lift me up now


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