Nothing Is Over Songtext - Oh Land

Nothing Is Over - Oh Land

In my head, in my heart
I’m not packed and moved on
Now you’re here, now you’re gone
Turn the lights off and on
And we’re so scared to choose
Will we win, will we lose?
‘Cause love still lives here

In your eyes, in your face
It’s like nothing has changed
And I want to believe that it isn’t too late
On my skin when we touch
I can still feel the rush
‘Cause love still lives here


Could we go just a little bit longer
I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but
Just for now, nothing is over
Can we try just a little bit harder?
We’ll burn just a little bit brighter
Tell me now, nothing is over
Nothing is over

Turn the clock, let’s go back
Clear what was and we’ll start from scratch
And you walk up to me, I’ll be wearing that dress
And you ask me to stay, swear I won’t run away
‘Cause love begins here


Now can’t you see, it’s hiding there
Right underneath the mess we made
All we gotta do, is clear it all away


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