Go Go Go Songtext - Ol' Dirty Bastard

Go Go Go - Ol' Dirty Bastard

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Yo East New York in this motherfucker, Blahzay Blah in this motherfucker
Brooklyn in this motherfucker, Dirt Dog in this motherfucker, it's on point

[Hook: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Come on baby let me you jump, let me see you body rhythm pump
Come on baby let me see you go, let me see you, like go, go, go

[Blah Bloomberg]
Aiyo, my timin' is so precise, gangsta all my life
I don't get robbed, I control the heist
Cold as ice, still nothing, this whole device
Life's a gamble, so I roll the dice
I camed up, still I'm up and coming
Auto start, put on my sneaks, truck is running
Bad broads, that's beyond Beyonce
Eatin' on my body like a dinner entree
What ya'll critics gonna say, don't even risk it
Forget Pillsbury, eat this Blah Blah biscuit
Ya'll watered down the game, man, like bar liquor
It's nothin' for me, I just buy the bar quicker
Oh my God, nigga, I'm in the house, and I'm rowdy
He been doin' this since five thousand on an Audi
Remember "Danger!" Yo, ya'll know Blah
This is grown under water, ya'll ain't even in my sonar

[Chorus: Blah Bloomberg (Ol' Dirty Bastard sample)]
The east is in the house like (danger)
About to, turn it out like "Oh My God" (danger)
Put the barrel in your mouth like (danger)
I see the dipper through a blouse, it's "Oh My God" (danger)
Me and Dirty on the floor like (danger)
Me and Dirty pimpin' ho's like "Oh My God"

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
So then you act like you love my little baby
And you know that I act a little crazy


[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I'm on the streets lingo, spendin' the spingo
Eazy-E lingo, doin' the dango, the vet' don't wear Kangol
I dare pump my shit, at the club, actin' strange, yo
Smack ya'll niggaz in the face, yo
Got wiggas in the place, yo, block party in this motherfucker
I'm the only round actin' like sucka, sucka bitch ass pucker
So don't play this motherfucker, or watch you bird clucker
So don't let yourself break yourself
With the sip and tumble, that will take yourself
I move with that heat that smoke you in your head, man
The shit war, time to take, man, take man



[Blah Bloomberg]
East/West beef is over, gettin' money all over
Set up shop in Cali, then one in deli Dover
Music, or sellin' crack by the Grove
I ain't talkin' about dick, but I'mma stock it to hoes
I'm not gonna grow, I'm the type to explode
Hit this song to walk back in it, then it's gon' be white gold
Eatin' wild timing, ya'll know it's my title
I burn more bushes than Moses in the Bible
But hates gon' Holly, pimpin's gon' Broadway
So many pimps, broads don't know who to pay
But ya'll better have my dough
Come on baby, just go go go
Yo, I once was lost, but now I flaunt
2004 Porsche, all you haters get off
I will board-to-the-board, the-hang-the-hang
Down to the ground, to the ground, they bang, they bang



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