Trouble That I'm In Songtext - Old Crow Medicine Show

Trouble That I'm In - Old Crow Medicine Show

I went down to Nashville
Rode that L&N
I'd seen that pretty gal standin' there
Dropped/brought my tongue down to my chin
Cause she's so fine
I was right on time

She took me down to 2nd street
She said "I'll be right back"
I waited there for seven weeks
Then got back on the track
And now we're through
And I'm so blue

Oh no, the trouble that I'm in
Good times are over I got whiskers on my chin
And there's a long lonely road, boys
I'll be travellin'
So long, tell my troubles to the wind

Way down south in Louisville
They showed me to the door
They hadn't seen a railroad bum
Since 1924
Its a rich folk's town
They don't need me 'round

The police came and got me
They took/dropped me way downtown
Guilty for this vagrancy
And now I'm prison bound
Up on the hill
In Louisville

Oh no, the trouble...

If you're ever in Birmingham
You know where I'll be found
Standin' in line at the CCC
Signin' my name down
On the dotted line
Puttin' in my dime

So put away your whiskey boys
Throw down your gamblin' cards
Quit sellin' that corn liquor boys
And sleepin' in freight yards
In every town
They'll run you down

Oh no the trouble that I'm in...

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