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Centerfold - P!nk

Can you turn it up just a tiny bit? That'd be awsome!!

Im on the rebound
I get it when I want to
Im on the way down
Im getting fixed without you
You gave me a band-aid
I put it on my Hum Va
And all you got is pictures
In your head

Dont you wish you could hold
The angel in the centerfold
The fantasy you couldnt control
Who walked away from you (who walked away from you)
Dont you wish that you could hold
That pretty little paper doll
The one you couldn't quite control
Who walked away from you
Flip to me on the centerfold
Im gonna charm you all nite (all nite)
Stick to me on the centerfold
Were gonna go on
Hold tite

Im gonna hate you
Till I forget you
So heres a keep sake
I left it in the bathroom
Just alittle somethin
Somethin to remind you
Im sure you'll never get this close


Now its him
When it coulda been you
Tell me why its him
When it shoulda been you
Its crazy how this makes you wanna
Heres a image you wont forget
All you life
Ill tease
Ill torment
Ill be gone as soon as you turn the

(Chorus)---Lyrics submitted by Gabbi.

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