My Vietnam Songtext - P!nk

My Vietnam - P!nk

Daddy was a soldier he taught me about freedom
Peace and all the great things that we take
Advantage of
Once I fed the homeless, I'll never forget
I look upon their faces as I treated them with

This is my Vietnam
I'm at war
Life keeps on dropping bombs
And I keep score

Momma was a lunatic, she liked to push my buttons

She said I wasn't good enough, but I guess I
Wasn't trying
Never like school that much, they tried to teach
Me better
But I just wasn't hearing it because I thought I
Was already pretty clever

[Chorus: x2]

What do you expect from me?
What am I not giving you?
What could I do for you to make me OK in your eyes?

[Chorus: x2]

This is my Vietnam
This is my Vietnam

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