Ill Life Songtext - P Reign

Ill Life - P Reign


[Verse 1]

Every day's a constant grant up to deepest depression
Only famous nigga from my hood
I guess somebody blessed me
My O.G.'s getting street fame for the wrong things
But the crimes are more then necessary just to be respected

We play with handcuffs every time we link up
When she come over is the only time i pray I'm arrested
I tell her, swallow that key like you swallowing me
I don't need to be unlocked cause you setting me free

Yeah, free throws, i need those
Almost comped the new drop top bentley
But somehow got a fear of being repo'd
Got twice as many responsibilities as amenities
And recent word of deals has brought me twice as many enemies

Still wait for me to turn my back before they mention me
Lately been with my bitch just to ditch the negative energy

Ain't shit changed but the range pray somebody love me
Its 6 figures in accounts under Mr. Humphrey

Just heard a story gave me chills i wish she was playin
My nigga took a fiends kid 'til the balance was paid
So much striving to be boss's they forgot their conscience
Rules i never approved real nigga's cut their losses

Either that or I'm lost cause i've been bossing and saucing
When you fucking white girls badder then blossom
Questioned daily by mamma asking why they ain't sign me
She said you still a star, i love when she reminds me

But can't lie the question kept me up more then a few
The thought of self having doubted my self
Still down to serve 22 if nigga's dissing the crew
Chain smoking and i know this ain't good for my health

Its funny all my old beefs been calling for truce
Most them nigga's hang them self so just hand them a noose
Only think about my youth when i rap in this booth
Ill shit, like i spit with a chip in my tooth

Close friend snaked me, thought i'd never doubt you
But i got my own dick, i can fuck with out you
Is it real, is it real, getting offered 7 figures for deals that i'll never squeal
From a block where we was all still just in bikes to pop a wheel
Ain't a nigga from the hood who succeeded and never fail

My past reminds me to get change and never change
Love for life when my videos is playin on the range,reign

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