Bros Songtext - Panda Bear

Bros - Panda Bear

Hey, man, what's your problem?
Don't you know that I don't belong to you?
It's hard and hard enough to keep it up when everything is so new

I'm not trying to forget you
I just like to be alone
Come and give me the space I need
And may you may find that we're all right

I mean no offense to you
But grow up
Can't you just grow up?
When are you going to give it your own go?
I know I'm being way too hard
But I know that I'm trying

I know myself
And I know what I want to do
I'm doing my best
And I want to know
Is it good for you?
You give me trouble
You give me everything that you've got
I'll show you that what's right for me ain't for you

Don't look out for me
Who are you to tell me how when you've problems of your own?
I do love you and I want to hold on to you for always

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