Eyes As Candles Songtext - Passion Pit

Eyes As Candles - Passion Pit

My world astir and sickly
Spits out our voices singing
"Tra la la la" on high now
To kingdom come so slightly
Herein a void in your place
I twitch and tweak in allusion
To sit and stare so blankly
Until all hope is used up

Why do I always need to need you when you're fleeting?
Where do you go when I'm around?
What have I done, what have I lost that's so defeating?
And have the nerve to wear a crown?
Oh na na na na na na
Hey hey hey hey

In some dark room
A smoky figure fills me full
Makes my head swell in ruin
My family kneels at their pew
They nod, "We believe in
What you're doing"
I feel it rise above me
The western landscapes towering
And from my shell of a body
The flowers blossom for picking
I've waited and waited
For someone to take it
Don't fight it, don't bother
An inch for another
Don't listen
Don't hear them
They're in this together
I've learned well
Now hear me
There's much to be fearing
I'm used to your absence
Your faceless distractions
I've painted your patterns
But found them attractive
Now I've been leaning towards
A life far more candid
Though lead through the dark
With your eyes as my candles
Where your life
And my life's directions
Can wrangle
And all of a sudden
You've left me to handle
The reasons that never
Forbid me to stand tall
And somehow or somewhere
I found out the secret
To staying alive
Without actually breathing

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