I'll Be Alright Songtext - Passion Pit

I'll Be Alright - Passion Pit

Can you remember ever having any thoughts
'Cause when it's all said and done I always believe we were
But I'm not so sure, oh oh oh oh oh oh
I drink a chain and take a couple of my bills
And my parade give you chills the one it don't give me up, oh oh oh oh
I know it had enough

You should go if you want to
Yeah go if you want to
I'll be alright, be alright
Well I've made so many messes
And this love as grow so restless
You would like enough but just
I won't let you go the mess
I'll be alright
I'll be alright

I'm so sad lonely that is offer me to see
Reality from what I dream and no one believes me
No not a single thing
My pain is wasting and I feel like I'll explode
You're looking glammy and below this room wasn't made for you
She's go for someone new


What could I keep housing on the
Heads go on now where's my thought to stumbling
This party is over now it isn't happening
The wind in the could tell on recovery


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