Dollar Store Songtext - Pell

Dollar Store - Pell

Intro: (Flywalker)

[Verse 1: Pell]
It's hard to stay loyal when there's thousands who adore you
Blame it on the business Like I'm really gone employ you
Spill on aisle nine hard to mask like paranoia
Knew I shouldn't hit the blizzy, now My boss thinks I'm a hippie
Would have went to class but I was studying some titties
DD's the whole term cause I ain't passing on what's tempting
I was kidding they were C's but at least you paid attention
Or at least enough to follow my description of an image
That I thought was what I needed buying sexing from off the tv
Sprinkle me with rims and Watch the locals try to be me
Bash me on the web but never say it when they see me
Swear I never clipped my nails the way I leave these pussies bleeding
Kept on spitting ‘til they wanted more of me
Now this bag boy get more attention than an orphan needs
Metamorphic forklifts moving weight like its a chore to me
Then hit the punch clock and act accordingly

[Chorus: Pell]
You and me got lots of time
Don't fiend a thing
The world is ours
Me and you the same as we
And both of us
Can make believe

Put your foot on the gas
You wonder why you in last
Too busy trying to do the right thing
So place your foot on the brakes
And take some time for yourself
And runaway up on this night train

[Verse 2:Pell]
My passion is far from passive
I'm spazzing like ab contractions
I’m bout to get off at five so I can ______
Worried bout where I'm headed I'm blinded by smiling faces
I'm just tryna make out this mini matrix/ that we living in
Pissing on Pulitzer how I pencil in my childish whims
But wasn't always focused them pheromones had me hopeless
Lily was kind enough to harbor my heart with wholeness
Not quite sure where I was going, so we just lived in the moment
Hoping I packed some Trojans but notice that she ain't like that
But after I text she right back kicking like a right back
Propped by night stand, on that dresser..yessuh
She wants some little Pells but lord knows I could do better
Seeing what I could be makes it way more harder to settle
And rappers catching amnesia they acting like they forget you
Give me15 Minutes? I turn it into forever
I still ain't clocked off my boss applying the pressure
Working hard to shift my future to the present
No more guessing I'm that nigga
Need that work well I'll deliver
Told mama this was for me/ I’ma pay back that tuition
Schooling all my peers and paying management commission
Sit a movie in my bars/ like I'm wrote this script from prison
Going off on tangents but I hope the youth’ll listen
Be yourself and nothing different/ watch them haters say they get it
Time is winding down I'm clocking out but back to business. 


[Verse 3: Pell]
Pollute the institution, with some textbook coolness
Made this for the ones who never saw themselves as students
The rawest athlete that probably never got recruited
And the fan who love the artist about as equal as the music
Got some henny in my cooler, some money in my future
Focused on the past and the women that seduced me
Back in 2012,  thought professors couldn't use me
So I thank god for this loose leaf,  I'll be writing ‘til I'm woozy
I'm gone, to the moon.. and I'll be back soon..

Said I'm gone

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