Eleven:11 Songtext - Pell

Eleven:11 - Pell

[Verse 1: Pell]

I'm grinding I'm grinding that currency coming I'm sexing the money
I'm shining I'm shining I'm certainly stunning the broads call me cunning
I know they don't know me but after my show end they tell me it's nothing
Tomorrow ain't promised I live my life honest with no interruptions
Fuck repercussions I'm living and learning
Working and earning, and sharing my sermon
Brothers feel threatened but that don't concern me
I'm way too high up for them birds to deter me
Fuck repercussions I'm living and learning
New Orleans dreaming while sipping on Bourbon
It's tasty but don't abuse it 'ya heard me?'
Wish I could go back but the future look perfect!

[Hook: Pell]
Who you know got it like that?
Who know run it make rappers get lapped?
Who you know got it like that? spend what I make but I get it right back
Then give it right back,work ten to ten I'm committed like that
But I might celebrate cause we winning like that
We been working the streets for a minute like that

[Bridge: Pell]
Just made a way
I can't complain I'm doing fine
No pain today
I came to say what's on my mind
No games to play
Hard to relay you'll see in time
Look in my face...

[Verse 2: Pell]
Know that I'm stacking, Stacks rolling up as I'm ashing
Wasting away to my passion
Youngin' was born with the heart of lion but spit with the flow of a dragon, I'm macking
Wonder how all of this happened, my friends are as scarce as my cash is
Old girls will call us and ask "how We doing?" I'm worried they just tryna cash in
I'm saying, I act like I'm back from the grave
But I know my relationships dead
A boss gotta pay the cost, but I heard that a boss never take a loss
So I'ma just drink it off, fuck that!
I will not drink at all
I sip something different cause I don't like mixing
I'm buzzing while buzzing I tell em it's nothing, my g


End of song

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