SC2014 (feat. Boldy James) Songtext - Pell

SC2014 (feat. Boldy James) - Pell

[Verse 1: Pell]
They saying what's good? Cause they can't see it on my damn face
Hit the club sick cause I got too much on my damn plate
She sweet as baked goods, got me asking how the pan taste
I know you ain't a shone but just pop it for my man's sake
I'm thirsty, ain't gotta tell me what that Andre do
And we just got my nigga back, so we gone probably pop a few
Never trust a broke chicken heads off my cockatoo
I show out til the show out get applause and then we make a move
Living inside coronas, getting well roasted, ducking cops
Different day different dawn but the same problems, yet I try be cool like they ain't watching
And you say you got wings that's fly, but I know you lying
Cause we in the streets never seen you grind, no worries surely I handle mine
Like a fifth not big enough but I don't really care cause I'm showing love
Now the pretty bad girls wanna give hugs, too turnt too turnt don't need a plug!
Too faded in my zone don't need drugs, light years away now that I got buzz
Got Sampha portions that's too much, do work in stealth so I move clutch
That's too fun

[Hook: Pell]
You say you got wings that's fly, but who do they belong to?
You saying that you know what they like, but is it what you want too?
Who you fooling? Bitch, we saying what we doing (2x)
Who you fooling? Keep control and keep it moving (2x)

[Verse 2:Pell]
Can't sleep but I wanna dream, thoughts dance like they on a beam
I need to breathe, inhale like where heaven at?
Get high cause I need a laugh, you wanna drag?
Conversing with walls in my drawers, pissed dawg cause my body won't let me drift off
Been robbed of my sleep cause I'm reading tweets barred, like I care about your interview
Baptize in the hen like a sinner do, good kid mad lit that's a swimming pool
Need a break every sip that's an interlude, take shots cause we bulletproof
I'm living invincible, feeling like I've been here before
Counting black sheep as my brain freeze, letting my thoughts turn fictional
Where the culture at? Bumping Kanye around the culdesac
No one ever said I was cold at rap, until I took a little break now they want him back
Lose sleep while I chase dreams, lacto but I make cream
Rap wade like I'm waste deep, too hazy I can't see, eyes closed now it's hd

[Hook: Pell}
You say you got wings that's fly
You say you got wings that's..
You saying that you know what they like, but is it what you want too?
Who you fooling? Bitch, we saying what we doing (2x)
Who you fooling? Keep control and keep it moving (2x)

[Verse 3: Boldy James]
You trying to hold on to something that's been so gone for so long
You stealing dope, trying to figure out where did you go wrong?
But the show must go on, so fuck all of you dickriders
You know i've been a big timer, so yeah I get my roll on
My Sprite look kind of muddy, that cookie is my cologne
My sight set on that money, so that pussy getting prolonged
So why you on that one tip trying to find out what your ho on
Smoking on that one shit that been fucking up the o-zone
Im rolling on the westside, you can catch me trapping dolo
Man I hope they got my good side when the feds be snapping photos
Im tracking Han Solo, hunchback and Quasimoto
You can't divorce me Dorothy, you can't go back to Kansas Toto
Star status bro bro
That means I got Benz on the floor
You a friend or a foe?
All they do is this, and I know people don't dance no more
And we ain't never running out of work, while you niggas going half on an O
And that's why when you ran your mouth, bitch nigga I just ran through a boat
On the low


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