The Fountain (feat. Steven Wilson) Songtext - Pendulum

The Fountain (feat. Steven Wilson) - Pendulum

[Verse 1: Steven]
You're sure you're right?
Well no, you're wrong
You don't feel my energy
But it won't be long
I see the sun
Believe the dark
Soon I disappear
But I'll make my mark

[Chorus: Steven]
All these fears
And all this love
All you give me
It's not enough
All my dreams
And all this stuff
All made real
It's not enough

Watching, waiting
Shaping, faking
Shocking, pumping
Mocking, stopping
Falling, stalling
Warning, crawling
Rejecting, perfecting
Marauding, ending

[Verse 2: Steven]
Behind my eyes
Is rage alone
But you don't understand
It was all homegrown
I'm not afraid
I just don't belong
It may be cynical
But it all seems wrong

[Chorus] + [Post-Chorus]

[Verse 2]

[Chorus] + [Post-Chorus]

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