Sitting On The Curb Songtext - Pepper

Sitting On The Curb - Pepper

Sitting on the Curb

I remember those days when I had big money
never checked the price it just all came to me
but now a days I'll be pinchin every penny
5 star dining at my local denny's
I've been sitting on the curb in you neighborhood
looking at the streelight thinking how I could
just get one response, maybe a glance
but the system has it's rules about the second chance

living by the tracks in the Barrio
keeps my welfare state from the don risto
don't be amazed when you see me out of line
I've got my baseball bat to take care of joe grind
thought I was one, baby I'm a fool
because I've been wrong for years
ain't it funny how everybody knows but you
couldn't imagine what else you could do

please spare me your regards baby
time is long when your waiting pateintly
that bed used to be so good
now my pillow is a curb in your neighborhood
thought I was one, but baby I'm a fool
because I've been wrong for years

Ain't it funny......................

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