The Mermaid Parade Songtext - Phosphorescent

The Mermaid Parade - Phosphorescent

In New York this morning; it was 8 am LA time,
And I could be there by this evening
Said the girl on the airline line.
So I bought that ticket, and I got in that cab,
But I didn't make it babe
To the airport like that.

No I wound up walking
Out by the ocean today
And there were naked women
Dancing in the Mermaid Parade.
And oh Amanda did you see me today
Watching those women dancing
In the Mermaid Parade?
And oh Amanda were you with me today
Watching those women waltz by
In the Mermaid Parade?

Now our hearts were on fire
Only two weeks ago,
And our bodies were like live wires
Down on the beach in Mexico.
I came back to this city,
And you stayed home in LA,
And our two years of marriage
In two short weeks somehow just slipped away.

I know all about your new man
Your new, older, old man
And I heard that he's married,
Oh, you be careful Amanda.
Yeah, I found a new friend too,
And yeah she's pretty and she's small,
But God damn it, Amanda,
Oh, God damn it all.

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