April Songtext - Pianos Become The Teeth

April - Pianos Become The Teeth

And I drink, my drink from your mug made of tin
But what happened, 7/31/76 that made them etch your name and the date?
What'd I miss? It was a Saturday

You got your wasting, you got away
You’ve got your dad, his dying days
You’ve got it all
And I’ve been wasted, I’ve been away
It’s not that bad, most days

Those towns that shut down so early
I think of your body, right where it should be
And I think, I should get rid of it
That old brown chair clicked, and rang loud as hell

And he said you were a drunk, it rang loud as hell
And your brother said, “bullshit,”
And I never told anyone, but it kept me awake
Spring sleep's never been good to me anyway

And I got your picture sitting on the sink
You were so young, so skinny, so quick to laugh
And water dripped and hit your cheek in the right spot
It ruined my week, when I just wanted to wash the filth off

And I have this feeling where I’m still owed something
And every April I'm reminded about those bright flowers they talk about
And every May I'm reminded that it's better buried in black and white
And I'll allow myself this tonight


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