305 Anthem Songtext - Pitbull

305 Anthem - Pitbull

It's that little Chico Pitbull
This my way of letting my City know
I'll ride for 'em! I'll Cry for 'em!
Bust five for 'em! And most of all,

(Repeat 4x)

(Chorus Repeat 2x)
I'll ride for my muthafucing click! For my click!
I'll die for my muthafucking click! For my click!
I bust heads with my muthafucking click! With my click!
If a nigga talk shit, Watch my shit go click!
Click, click, click, click!

Man, I've been on the grind,
1 in the head, 16 in the 9
I'm extra Man!
The game is mine, in due time
It's all right, I'm patient Man!
I know how to play my position
I know how to play my part
I know how to play these bitches
I know how to play with they hearts
I've done some dumb things
But for the most,
I've played it smart
Who cares if you run things
'cause I'm as live as 106 & park!
This game is nothing,
But a pool of blood with a bunch of sharks!
Only the strong survive
It's Do or Die get it Right!
That's why I roll for my peoples
Cock back, go to war with my peoples
Break bread with my peoples
Man I'll die for my peoples
Everybody knows its the truth
That's why they respect everything that I do
Everywhere that I go, every fiend, every foe
Every bitch or a hoe
Man I sold it all
From the weed to the x
From the x to the blow
Mark my words "I'm next to blow!"
P to the I, I to the T, T to the B, B to the U, to the double the L
Me I'ma sell like ice cream in hell
This for my peoples that's locked up in jail
I'ma succeed, I'm never 'gon fail!
Papo just watch me!

(Chorus 2x)

Man I'm watching the game closely
Uncle Luke that man done coached me
He told me the who, what, where's, and why's
How to cross T's, how to dot I's
Little did he know he created a Monster
PITBULL Nigga, I'm that Monster
DB, them Chico's is Monsters!
Lil'Jon, that Nigga is a Monster
Everybody in the clique is well equipped
Ready for Pit to take over shit
This here is not a game…
This here is our lives…
We can't fuck this up…
We gotta get it right…
If you wit us and you ready for war
Then let's Ride!!!
LET'S show 'em how we do in the south
Kick in they door, run in they house
Since them boys think they spit fire
Fuck it, put the gun in they mouth!
Follow me now
All these bitches wanna swallow me now
All these niggas that I don't even know
Wanna hollah at me now 'cause the wanna be down
But fuck'em man
Me I turn it up a notch
To my hustlers be careful when they murdering the block
To my killers be careful when you burning up the glock
Last thing you wanna be is running from the cops
Pit's 'gon take it from da bottom to the top
Haters can hate, but it aint 'gon stop
Everybody knows I'mma blow just listen to the flow
This Chico got it on lock HA

(Chorus 2x)

(Repeat 12x)

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