Castle Made Of Sand Songtext - Pitbull

Castle Made Of Sand - Pitbull

So you tried to believe in the castles made of sand
When it falls to the sea and your feet can't find dry land
Reach from my hand

I sacrificed my life to give you my life to speakers
I tried to do good even though I've been crossed like Jesus
God knows I got a good heart but my blood's been with demons
I'm fighting myself, believe me, I'm far from ignorant
Far from greedy if you knew what I come from
Knew what I've been through, you think there shoulda
Been another outcome just like most kids
A father, I did it without one
Come from the city where they X you like Malcom
Then you wonder how come I can move in the room
Full of woos, so sweet, so smooth
Thank you mom for making me a man
Let 'em mother fucker knock down my castle in the sand


Reach for my hand

I live my whole life with the world on my shoulders
So I couldn't care less what this music game throws us
I see them looking in front of ? , but they won't find it
I come from struggle, I am a fighter, must you be reminded
My mother's past has a trap, has a blinded
But I took her past, I took her pain
I made it strength, I fought the game,
Do or die, Pitbull's the name
Now all I see is the future, mom, I love you, I salute you
Then no matter what happens jusst you're the reason I am rappin'

Look I'm from the home where the spit is the wind is the big apple
Came down to south beach to build a new castle
Every day I'm hustling and every day you hassle
Doing what you can and I'm doing what I have to
Throw me in the jungle and I'll show you I'm a winner
I'm coming out with dinner and wearing a chinchilla
I did it for my town to show 'em the big picture
Kid hit the switch, I promise to never switch up
This is for my brother took three and went to jail
I'm sending all my pictures through the mail
He hit me with a letter, I know you'll never fail
So put me on the beach with a bucket and a pail


Reach for my hand

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