Dance Off Time Songtext - Plain White T's

Dance Off Time - Plain White T's

[Verse 1]
Well me plus you
Is greater than or equal to
The sum of every love we knew
Back when we were young
And if we multiply
I hope to God they get your eyes
And we get something that you can't divide
'Cuz baby you are the one

And we could dance all the time
To songs I make up for you
'Cuz every word I write
Chord I strike is for you
Oh, oh it's for you

[Verse 2]
Your sun-kissed skin
My souvenir of where we've been
You make me feel born again
Hallelujah, amen
And when the angel's sing
(Feels like heaven pouring down)
When the church bells ring
(Having my queen is crowned)
Well I could be your king
Just like when we were young


All my life I've been runnin' wild
Too young to settle, foot on the pedal
Always chasing the perfect high
'Till you unlocked, yeah you unlocked
This heart of mine

[Chorus] x2

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