Here Come That Sunrise Songtext - Plain White T's

Here Come That Sunrise - Plain White T's

[Verse 1]
It is howling like a hurricane
But up ahead the sky look clean
I'm leaving without worries in my rear view mirror
We should raise a little kid
Devil whispered in my ear
I don't know where you're going
But you can't stay here

Here comes that sunrise
Here comes that feeling
Here comes them blue skies
Here comes that healing
Here comes that sunrise

[Verse 2]
Yeah, she stood up by that five foot fore
Dirty heels into the western shore
She's had a lot of lovers, but she'll have one more
And she danced under the silver Moon
Salvation in her every move
My heart come heavy, but she cut me loose


Hey love, hey love
The sun is rising like you and I been
Hey love, hey love
Ain't no more crying
Just we arising!


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