Never Working Songtext - Plain White T's

Never Working - Plain White T's

[Verse 1]
I admit I don't do nothing fast
I left town just to get off my ass
Then I learned that there's TV out here too
Same programs that I'm used to
Made my mind on the temple Faust
Read a book just to go "How'd yourself"
Make the software is given me the keys
All the speakers are descending

I've been waiting, also thinking
Lots of planning never working!

[Verse 2]
Got a lot full of unfinished plans
Devils always prefer I'm out of hands
Not to say that enjoy my dark side yet
I need all the help I can get!
Never mind what I do with my time
Bet the knuckles to pay off the dimes
People say you can do that to your death
Oh, thank God it's not my last breath!

[Chorus] x2

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