Pause Songtext - Plain White T's

Pause - Plain White T's

[Verse 1]
I don't know
Where this road is gonna go
It's gonna go
I'll be just fine
Taking my time
I'll take it slow
I'll take it slow

Cuz I don't want to miss this moment
And I can get it back when its over

I'm gonna push pause
Yeah I'm gonna time out
Plenty of time to figure it out
I'm gonna push pause
I'm gonna time out
Call a time out

[Verse 2]
I hope some day
I will look back and say
"I had it all"
"I had it all"
Less work more fun
Spending more time with the ones I love
Singing oohhh

[Refrain] + [Chorus]

Time goes by too fast
Gotta try to make it all last
Gotta try to make my life better
Try to slow down and keep it all together
Take it day by day
Find myself along the way
Find myself along the way

[Chorus] x2

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