Xanny Bar Songtext - Porches

Xanny Bar - Porches

I couldn't help from noticing you across the bar
hello i'm ronnie, and i'm falling apart
do ya want me bad?
like i want you?

you said "i'm edith and i've always been a mess"
well nice to meet you maybe we'll undress
but we could just lie down
we both could use the rest

so i hold on
to dim wit cigarette
and i take a deep breath
cuz i know you can't

i felt a greatness when i layed within your grassy realm
crawled across the floor to a patched up helm
your hips the balmy swell
in porno hell

and i said "hey would you wanna join the loner metal band"
and you said "maybe we could just hold hands"
well if thats the only place they'd land
i'd die a happy boy

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