Yang Straight (Swagga Right) (feat. P-Lo) Songtext - Priceless Da Roc

Yang Straight (Swagga Right) (feat. P-Lo) - Priceless Da Roc

Dj E, this beat nasty (TPE shit baby)
Shout out to Hard Knox
Shout out to A&B
Yeah, look

Verse 1: Priceless Da Roc
Hella swag, but if it's beef, then i'm a problem starter
Mask on 'em, swinging through your city like i'm Peter Parker
Don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it by the author
The bass grimy, everyday it's like we live in contra
Your whole career is in hot water, like a sauna
Finish sentences, with periods, nigga never use a comma (never that)
You niggas talking like you got it, but you really bluffing
Neva had an ass whooping before, where here's your introduction
I'm my own boss, my money comes with no deduction
Had my paper on time and pronto, nigga no discussion
Repercussions, is mild concussion, so fuck 'em, prick shit
My mix tape title should of been suck my dick
But, in the meantime, i tried to get up off of it
I fathered enough niggas out here to start an orphanage
Rep about the shit that i see, like i'm reporting it
Live i fucking lifestyle like VH1's recording it

You already know about me, TPE is my team
When we pull up on that scene,so clean, when nigga do his thing
Make that motherfucka lean
Swagga right (x4)
Make that motherfucka lean
Swagga right (x4)

Verse 2: Priceless Da Roc
Why does it seem like these niggas got an attitude
I done show so much gratitude
Now we about to flip the game into a different magnitude
Where i'm about to take of too, it's a different latitude
Haters are just not welcomed kids, dudes with this blazer shit
The crime rate is low, so if you piss me off, we gone raise that shit
Nigga's lions over here, you can't tame this shit
This is a blessing from God, you can't create that shit
Niggas will still try guideline you a bye bye
They probably have your rap career, outta here in no time
Snapback and hella saucy shirts, nigga it's show time
I look down and see your rap career below mine
Did on my own man, didn't have no co-sign
My alternative was go home or go grind
Yeah, and you see what i'm doing now (clown)
You niggas should of figured out


Verse 3: P-Lo
Young rich motherfucka!

Uh, Gang that
If you reppin' go and bang that
I be ballin' you be chillin' where the lames at
I don't talk i just state facts
I'll be killing all you dudes, neva follow rules
I'll be with my crew, lil' bad bitch tell her what to do
Back it up on a young king, shawty 19 she a young thing
I'll be fresh on this, Dallas ,hit the mall throw a couple thousan'
Five hunned for the sneakers, One thou' for the feature
Sucka mean, bet her knees hurt, Heart Break Gang on a t-shirt
Never give a fuck about a bitch
My homies from the rich, keep a ho on the strip


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