Cartographist Songtext - Purity Ring

Cartographist - Purity Ring

We'll bathe often in the light of the moon
We'll sew clothes from the stem of our womb
[Verse 1]
Oh my sweet fairy the past is strong (strong, strong)
Touch not my bosom for I'll not get far (far)
Colour your cartography in your dreams of me
Maps will not lie, will not lie, will not lie in me
Grow into gardens
The caverns you found in me
Peel off the weightless
You held from the start of me
[Verse 2]
Oh my sweet fairy our hearts did us wrong
But rudders of bodies doth carry us on (on)
And more moons than our eyes can recount and store
Yet they bid that we see the same things
Sweet they bid that we swim in their seas
Well then, the amber woods are calling
Lie down to keep thy hands from falling
Kill them then bury seeds beneath me
Measure thy deeds, in due time harvest

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