Neverland Songtext - Quadron

Neverland - Quadron

[Verse 1]
He has no doubt that he's been doin' it right
Though other people only see the look of light
His parents used to say he's going way too far
But they don't understand what it takes to be a star
They don't understand that to be authentic
He had to cut off all of his friendships
He's on the on field workin' hard to get his prize
His eyes are constant on the latest merchandise

Tell me... what about yourself?
Always someone else
And if you cry for help
Doesn't mean you failed

[Verse 2]
Not just another member of a fan club
His affection was a part of growin' up
Nature of the beast made his routine unique
Never was offended to be called a geek
He's been compiling pieces to a perfect key
Don't need to think when he's lip-syncing
Ending every day in idol bedsheets
Cuddling the hero he will never meet


You see now your still believing
Odds were more then 50 million to one (To one)
Still convinced it was the first hit that they thought to sung
Cause he never (Never knew like my babe)
Adulthood got him (Adulthood got him blinded)
We'll meet in Neverland

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