Sparkdala Songtext - Quasimoto

Sparkdala - Quasimoto

Ayo, I sparkdala, you sparkdala
Everyday anyway yo, I sparkdala

(Ayo Madlib, explain to these people why you so dedicated to that tree you've been smoking)

[Verse 1]
Ayo, if you don't know I smokedala daily
I been smoking since I was sixteen (yo, really?)
Word to my moms, I strictly smoked bombs
I smoked with dykes, hardheads and Uncle Toms
Lawyers, beat-makers, junkies and flunkies
Niggas that look like monkeys, smoking on skunky
Sticky in the movies niggas, ask before you hit
Down in the basement, we always get bent
Create that ill shit that make you wanna smoke
Choke out the throat, always got it in my coat
Or in my pocket where the gold is still target
If you my nigga then you know we gonna spark it

(Why?) Cos I smoked the lye, everyday anyway yo, I sparkdala


[Verse 2]
I smokedala so much my breath smells like the bottom of a bong (ew)
My tastes dirty long hit
Its left the shit smoke up
It gets strong in my chest, makes you smoke the stress
Now I strictly smoke chronic so I can feel the sonic
Drinkin' 40's, that's my tonic (Pass that bubbler)
When niggas smoke my shit, they all be on it
By the time they done, they be like "yeah that's bionic"


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