Type I Am Songtext - QUE.

Type I Am - QUE.

[Produced by OZ]

[Verse 1]
Sending butt naked pictures of my ex to my
Uncle fresh up out the joint
12 years gone, now my nigga home
On the same shit, I can hear it in his voice
Itching to go and get it, tryna flex on his ex bitch
Told him I don’t see the point
It’s already crystal clear that she ain’t shit
Cause if she was she would’ve waited but she had a baby boy
I told him fuck that bitch, she's in the Taurus
We gone go and hit the lot and cop the new Rolls Royce
Slip her a band every now and then, told him play it like a boss
We gone go and get the pistol, [?] joy
Then when them 6 months over at the halfway house
Imma move you to the A and Imma hand you a house
So you ain’t got to worry about stacking you an ounce
Tell em your nephew had you if they ask you about it

That’s the type of nigga I am, that’s the type of nigga I am
That’s the type of nigga I am, that’s the type of nigga I am
That’s the type of nigga I am, that’s the type of nigga I am
That’s the type of nigga I am, that’s just the type of nigga I am

[Verse 2]
I bumped my head and burned my hand back in high school
Had some pussy niggas in my crew
True color showed when the pressure came on
Had a homie fall victim to a Jew
Caught a first degree assault charge, lost some scholarships
And even worse they had me on breaking news
I was facing three years and I probably would of did the whole three
If I wasn’t with Al Farouq
So put the blame on Que, make him seem like the bad guy
They turned a homie to an op
Like he wasn’t in my crib eating
Going weeks at a time in the same dirty ass socks
Kima treat em like her own son, he lucky I ain’t snapped
Fuck around and get his big ass popped
Letting them Wake Forest coaches do him like a robot
And I still was hoping he made it straight to the top
Cause at the end of the day


[Verse 3]
Fuck your handout, nigga don’t do shit for me
I don’t want no favors from a nigga
Even if I was lost in one of the seven seas
I wouldn’t ask for y’all to save a nigga
Something simple, like just asking for a light
Now that nigga think you owe him something
And don't just happen to luck up and hit the lottery
Better you expect for you to throw em something
It’s a sick world that we living in
‘Specially when you get to thinking when them drugs start kicking in
So fuck your two cents, I don’t want you chipping in
Rather say I did it by myself when we in the end
I ain’t never been a [?] type of nigga
That I hop off in your pic on some shit
Just to be seen
Think about it, that’s probably why you never see me in none of those pics getting posted up on IG


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