Biscayne Blvd Songtext - QuESt

Biscayne Blvd - QuESt

[Produced By: Logic]

[Hook: QuEst][2x]
Uh, Here we go
You and I
Destination, who decides?
Take off, crash land
I don't wanna lose tonight
Take a chance, Let it go
Will we make it? Never know
I'm so glad I kept you, could have left you
Let's make room to grow

[Verse 1: QuEst]
Uh, lookin' at you lookin' back at me
I'd love to hear what your story is
If you think you straight
I got shit to do, but those things could wait
And I'm prone to say, that we'll take it slow
But that's bullshit (Bullshit)
I've been here
Boy fall hard for the trust
So all you gotta do is make it feel sincere
But that's past tense, we're gettin' past it
Lust demons, pray to God I don't take action
Maintainin' con-ver-sation hard as fuck with these two distractions
Reppin' that 3-0-5, for the Southside
You got no time for no that bluff tip
With your fair shares, and your broken heart
There's no wonder why you don't trust shit
You're like fuck this
Stole your heart and got away, you don't even see justice
Workin' hard at your at your dead-end job, for your aspirations, you must hit
Uh, But fuck all that preaching, them leggings is killing me softly(Killing me softly)
Dominican fetish forgive me this shit can get costly
Summer done passed and it just turned Fall
Perfect excuse for these tall macchiatos' and new conversations that have been abroad
I pull up in a 1993 Toyota Camry, with thirty dollars in my car
Usin' half of that, just to make it out of Biscayne Boulevard

[Hook 2: QuEst]
And I want you
More than you will ever know
When it's alright
Just promise me you'll never go
No no
Ooh girl, I just wanna let you know
No no
Ooh girl, I just wanna let you know

[Verse 2: QuEst]
Uh, holiday season
Never had time for the weeks, so we meet up on the weekends
Shit is lookin' shallow on the surface
But feelings get real when you get caught up in the deep end
Sittin' in your car, all we listen to is Nas late nights
We don't even have a reason
Too afraid to ask if you leavin'
I know you got work in the mornin', I don't wanna keep you out late
This love shit feelin' like an outbreak
Plus I keep staring everywhere, swear to god those lips look sweeter than a poundcake
But I digress
More talk about this and that
Past relationships and no strings attached
If you into that, clearly it's something deeper
It don't even makes sense to act like it's anything less
Mentally driving away all the stress
So many thoughts on my plate, I got too much at stake
But you make me forget it, confess
I just got through with my ex
Skeptical about movin' on but shit I'm so impressed
That a nigga willing to invest
Any and everything in you
Now shall we continue? And if so
Just let a nigga know what he in for
Keep it real with me baby, even if it hurts
Never wanna be the nigga frettin'; outta limbo
Real though, but at least I told you from the start
Play no fucking games with my heart
So much faith in us together, I hate to see us apart

[Hook 2: QuEst]

[Hook 1: QuEst][5x]

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