Nighttime Songtext - Quiet Life

Nighttime - Quiet Life

When I'm sittin' up in the pickup truck
When you're goin' out and I'm coming down
When you've had enough of the pretty stuff
When I fell in love with your silly gown
When the thunder cracks, when the feeling smacks
When your heart attacks, when you coming back?
When the pickin's slim when you're Brookin'-lyn
When you just can't win, when it does ya in
When it's nightime...
When I'm hummin' tunes, when I think of you
When I'm takin' care, when I'm feeling blue
When the lightning flashed, when the feeling passed
When you're dust to dust, when I'm ash to ash
When my bed is made, when my face is shaved
When the secret's out, when my soul is saved
When I buy the ring, when the chorus sings
When the children shout, won't worry 'bout a thing
When it's nighttime...

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