Closer Songtext - Rae Morris

Closer - Rae Morris

[Verse 1]
Far away and feeling sober
I can keep you closer
A static constant in my mind
Conscious cards are on the table
Our house is so unstable
But I'm not leaving you behind
(Into the unknown)
For now we'll keep it at that
A little silence takes me back
(To where I feel home)
Remember what we've done there
A place where I can rest my bones

[Pre Chorus]
(Going, going, gone)
You're moving away from me
But I feel you closer, I feel you closer
(Going, going, gone)
Whatever is left of me
Will keep me closer to you

I feel closer, closer, closer
To you

[Verse 2]
A little give and take
Is never bound to break
The kind of closeness that we keep
A bond invisible
Beyond the physical
As I let you slip away

[Pre Chorus]


[Post Chorus]
I feel... miles away
From being here
Now is not the time to break away yet
Miles away
For being near
Now is not the time...

Into the unknown
To where I feel home
Into the unknown

[Pre Chorus]


[Post Chorus]

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