Animal Sacrifice Songtext - Ras Kass

Animal Sacrifice - Ras Kass

"Misused, abused, down harder than blues"

Yeah, yeah, let me kill this beat Apollo. Watch me slay it

Witness animal sacrifice
I bar up, won't none of y'all rap tonight
Goat (Killa!)
Kosher Halal
Bow down princess, you love my style
Witness animal sacrifice
I bar up, won't none of y'all rap tonight
Goat (Killa!)
Man down
Coming for every single spitter for the motherfucking crown

[Verse 1]
Day one
Niggas knew the kid was a problem
Exploded out C-Arson, bombing the Green Goblin
A team king mobbing
Wake Up Show would put rappers to sleep
Sway and Tech used to beep me to eat
Every single rapper, west coast to the east
Forced they throats to leak, [?]
I'm at least top ten breathing on land, me
Helped Dylan raps, I got skills like Lee
Which Lee? Any Lee, choose two
Spike Lee, Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Chun
From Street Fighter 2 with the fire fall shoe
Studied the best bars old school to the new
A student of the flame, KRS, Big Daddy Kane
Rakim, Ice Cube, Scarface and Treach through my veins
They influenced 2Pac, he and Biggie became brothers
And them niggas influenced each other
You ever spit a perfect one take verse on a Primo track?
You ever get Dr. Dre's top five in rap?
Cats can't even spit a 16 at a rap show
But going on a rap tour make me not wanna rap no more
I got rap galore
Blacks is whores
When Grammy for best album, fucking go to Macklemore
Wack for sure
How you get a big check, start worshiping Baphomet
That's why I slash your neck
Watch me slay it


[Verse 2]
I am a, phenomena
Amen-Ra rhyming, and I'm in a
Carrie's pig blood at the prom state of mind
Pants, one leg at a time
I put on both legs at the same time with a rhyme
This friendly competition unless your bars suck
Use ghostwriters, unsportsmanlike like conduct
Same drama since '84
Nigga claim he the king cause heavy play on radio
(Now how the illest MC debate should go)
Erase the beat, bar for bar, I'll rape your show
No industry politics, I'll take your doe
Give us the same opportunities I'll break you bro
Burn your compound down like it's Waco yo
I don't believe the media or Wikipedia
I travel to, Expedia
To see the immediate origins of patterns and bars
Jaz-O begot Jigga, G. Rap begot Nas
I study the solo and crews of rap gods
Wu-Tang, Outkast, Lox and Def Squad
Black Star, Black Thought, Black Hippy to Black Rob
Ask Em' and Royce, I suggest you do the math
Even before Aftermath, Ras Kass was the path
I created the lane, west coast lyricist
They Hendrix
I'm Kendrick before Kendrick


[Bridge] {x2}
Dropped a few mixtapes?
Relax little nigga
Gotta pay dues to be a true spitter
Got a couple hit albums?
Congrats little nigga
Consistently bar up to prove you a spitter

"When I rose, I look to Jesus with a smile
I said, "Jesus, will you help me?
Help me to be live the best I can
Cause I..."

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