Francine Songtext - Ras Kass

Francine - Ras Kass

[Produced by Apollo Brown]

Yo Apollo, what's up my nigga? This Razzy. You remember that chick, Francine? Yeah, yeah, man, yo the craziest shit just happened this weekend, my nigga, check this out

[Verse 1]
Remember Francine? Posed for Hustler Magazine and Maxim
Few B movie roles, persuin' a career actin'
Cokehead, her brother Juan known to clap shit
Wet so many niggas, nickname John the Baptist
Grimy fool, his whole get down is jackin'
Did 5 years, got out last June, went right back in
P, she hit my DM yappin'
Meet her in AC, no need to pack
When I'm poppin' tags soon as I land
Said she just hit a lick for like 50 grand, got damn
Tongue me down, hopped in the passenger seat
Silver Bentley Continental GT
Always kept racks but now she stuntin' 101
This the girl Alegra with, they wanna menage for fun
Met at a casting call, said they ain't really gay
Just fucked around when they were drunk, made out once in LA
Wifey'd up, hubby's don't know that they swing
So lose the ring and let's do the damn thing
Borgata hotel, stepped in the sands
About to cut these bitches, Edward Scissorhands
Straight to the suite, do not disturb sign
Ordered Ace of Spades, her preferred wine
Heard the shower stop, Alegra stepped out
Half naked, drippin' wet, blunt in her mouth like
The Asian Meagan Good, but straight hood
Only fuck with trapstars, call whites peckerwoods
Wanna know the details, call me the don
Like Mr. Marcus, I should have had my dick bronzed

Hey yo bro, I was just goin' in, nigga, I was on some shit, some money shot, monster cock, interracial female-female-male shit like

(I love you, baby) I love you, too
(I love you, baby) I love y'all two
(You love me, baby?) Yeah, I love you
Let's make it do what it do
(I love you, baby) I love you, too
(You love me, baby?) I love you, too
(I love you, baby) I love both of y'all
Let's make it do what it do

[Verse 2]
We turnt up like pornstars, Worldstar bitch
Francine licked 'Legra's clit while she rode my dick
Then switch, completely exhausted by 3:10
Ordered room service, then we jumped off again
Helped 'em pack, we drivin' back to the city
Peeped the picture in the wallet, nigga grill like Mike Bibby
Who that? Legra asked, fuckin' me outro
Jealous Panamanian, she hollered spousal
So when he put hands on her, and he took 'em upstate
This slick bitch knew the combination to his safe
Cleaned him out, escaped with 1.8
Planned to relocate and party with his weight
Slipped Francine 50 racks on GP
And Francine brought this proposition to me
I suggest you get a hundred pounds of dro and don't stop
Head midwest, DA raided all the smoke shops
At 300 a pound, that's 300 thou
I'll take 20%, the rest you biddies can split
Should've never mixed business with pleasure
We never noticed the hoopty Integra, tellin' Alegra
3 cars behind us
Bitches never considered that an old man would find us
Seems dude's parole whole got dropped
And he posted bail, had his folks ghost tail
So when she dropped us off and headed to BK
We didn't find out what happened until the next day
Homicide found a message written in blood
Gruesome crime scene, cut out the bitch tongue
Discovered by little kids in project lobby
Head decapitated, never located the body
Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?
And I just got a DM that said "I'm comin' for you"


Yo that shit crazy right, now this nigga Twitter stalkin' me, IG stalkin' a nigga with fake ass profiles, and this nigga got his paper right, though. Fuck it, niggas ain't worried 'bout nothin', wait wait wait, hold on, other line ringin'. Wow, this dude right here, I'll holla back

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