Roses (feat. 4 Rax) Songtext - Ras Kass

Roses (feat. 4 Rax) - Ras Kass

[Intro] {takes a portion of the motion picture 'Do The Right Thing'}
Hold up wait up a minute. First of all, it is too hot, alright? I already told you it's too fucking hot to make love. Alright?!

A great big expression of happiness
Boy you're good to me
With a dozen roses

[Hook: 4 Rax]
"Roses" - Can you smell what I'm talking 'bout?
"Roses"- Just giving you the run around
"Roses" - Can you smell what I'm talking 'bout?
"Roses"- Just giving you the run around
When it is what it is, it is what it is

[Verse One: Ras Kass]
Roses are red, violets are blue
I'm schizophrenic (And so am I!)
"Roses" on my prom date's corsage
Liquor in my bedroom, trying not to wake up my moms
But she stayed up late and cock blocked a nigga
Wishing I went with Tiffany Taylor anyway, figures
Joan Rivers called baby North West "ugly" (what?)
Disrespecting geriatric plastic face monkey
Roses the tournament parade in Pasadena
The bowl where college football teams meet up
"Roses", seats at my stadium shows
World tours, while I'm rocking with Bono
"Roses" is...R.O.E
Return On Equity, fuck working for free
And "Roses" what you get from the Bachelorette
But it's all just scripted so next season expect more


[Verse Two: Ras Kass]
Roses are red (hey!) violets are blue (true)
But roses really smell like boo boo
(Dre say) What Christ did on the third day
December 25th we celebrate on Sunday
Symbolic of the Winter Solstice, some say
Mother Nature commanded so the sun obey
"Roses" McGowan loving her double D's
On Charmed watching the WWB
"Roses" and roses how you fucking with me?
When I lynch the next rapper for touching the M.I.C
"Roses", sturgeon eggs.. caviar
Catch me a savvy bar fuck in her baby daddy car
"Roses", roses are a Royce Phantom
Birds of paradise
Radii Footwear better get my cheddar right
Roses are why the Benjamins in my pocket
Hustle? You can't knock it
I live it and I talk it


"He created the Heavens and the Earth
He's the greatest and he loves us so much
How could you lose if you follow God?
I'll follow Him anywhere
Farther I stray
Stretch my hands to you"

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