More Love Songtext - Rebelution

More Love - Rebelution

Because you’re living an illusion
I can’t wait till it hits ya
Recollection, your misconception
Obsessed, you say the green is success
Well material gain causes serious stress
More love
Because you’re living an illusion
Wake up now yes you’re living in confusion
You’re not a scholar
You’re a waste of a teacher
Preach the dollars
You’re a waste of a preacher

Come on, that’s what we need
More love
That’s what we need to succeed
Not dollars
Nah, not what we need
Let’s give em love so the youth can achieve

Yep you gotta see clearer
Clear on up, stay up, and stay clear of
Go back to basics, look in the mirror
You’re in a dream wake up and now gear up
Come on
Love, continually loving that’s realer
Make up your mind and emerge as a leader
Now it connects, many many all feed off
Rise up above, cuz the youths they feed off love

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