Around the World Songtext - Rich Homie Quan

Around the World - Rich Homie Quan

[Produced by Metro Boomin and Zaytoven]

I get my weed from Cali, I get my drank from Texas
My baby mama from Georgia, that child support's like extortion
St. Louis fucks with me hard, I know Haitians in Florida
When I'm at home, nobody guard, when I'm in New York I got brothers
Cause I've been all around the world
All around the world
That platinum plaque got me all around your girl
And she's been here for 3 days, it's time to get back around the world
I've been all around the world

[Verse 1]
First class, flyin' overseas, young nigga just got a passport
I ain't have no keys, so a nigga kicked in the back door
Don't play... a nigga like me cause you might get your ass whooped
I got a K, for the alphabet gangstas tryna make it hard for me to stand up
Have your ass cryin' like the nigga in Boys N The Hood
When 12 said "Hands up"
I'm dope, boy you Tre, scary, hopped out the car
Pussy nigga need to man up
I done ran my bands up
3 times I performed in Savannah
I've done been around the world
Wisconsin twice, now I'm goin' back to Atlanta
305 fuck with me, 212 fuck with me
If you don't know numbers, that's them NYC streets
I cannot be beat
I'm a real OG
Don't fuck with y'all niggas, you could be the police


[Verse 2]
That private jet on the runway, waitin' for me and you, baby
We gettin' escorted, no TSA, had to work my move, baby
And I've been everywhere in the USA, I stay on the move, baby
And I ain't ever been to London, but I heard how the food tastes
Ugh you stank, Mortal Kombat, kickin' shit in here, mothafucka
Like I'm Liu Kang, I'm the bomb
I'm Saddam, but a nigga strapped like Hussein
I'm talkin' guns, out of Pakistan, a nigga might talk some new things
Still on the west side, might catch me at the Blue Flame
I've been all around the world
LA my favorite: weather, women, weed be the greatest
When you get overseas, that's how you know you made it
Them local dopeboys hatin'


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