Come And Go Songtext - Rich Homie Quan

Come And Go - Rich Homie Quan

( Yeah Quan nigga Rich Homie baby)x2
Feel me, Real nigga don't talk man he just do it
Know what i mean and that show for it self

A real killer he gone kill you and won't tell a soul
Pulled up in that phantom thought they saw a ghost
Boy you in yo feelings, I'll tell you so
Took off on these niggas get a telescope
Boy I got some issues I can't tell a soul
My postal man official who I mail it too
Don't lose sleep bout these bitches, cause they come and go
Don't play for keeps, can't trust these niggas get your money first

[Verse 1]
Real nigga over here baby, real figures over here baby
Play with my money we'll kill niggas over here baby
Counterfeit homies we don't deal with it over here baby
It's still Polo, Hilfiger over here baby 3 or 4 hoes is what I
Usually got over here baby
Hold my paint brush, I'm gon paint yo picture clear baby
You gone crash in these head lights, like a deer baby
The difference between her and you is your a go getta baby
And I won't try you like the truth, I considered you my lady
I'm a probably watch you go crazy, my partna caught you 2 days
After I got through with you, your like a bad habit
I need some'n new to do,!


[Verse 2]
Get your money 1st, Family 2nd
I put my homies 3rd and pray for these blessing
I gave that boy a bird, free my nigga chicken
Pulled up on the curve, turned up on them niggas
Love purple herb, burn up on them niggas
Love switching girls, turn up on them bitches
I'm on that road to riches, but since yo' ho insisted
Navigation baby, make her go & get it
I say real nigga don't talk, he just be about it
And I keepin' labels on hold, Yeah I see you callin'
You see the .40 on the inside of my mink jacket
Go get a diary fuck yo secret, Yeah, Yeah,!
Hell naw nigga


I swear I took off, took off, took off "Oh My God"
I swear I took off, took off, took off "Fuck You Mean"
Rich Homie baby, I say I took off, took off, took off
Yeah, yeah I swear I took off

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