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Favorite - Rich Homie Quan

I know I got a lot of hoes, you know what I'm sayin'. That's nothing new to me. Bitch blame my daddy, ho. You're my favorite

I know them bitches, they gon' hate this
Out of all them, you my favorite
I thought hard and I debated
Out of all the bitches I dated
You know that you my favorite
You're my favorite girl, you're my favorite girl
You're my favorite
You're my favorite girl, you're my favorite girl
I'm talkin' 'bout you, baby

[Verse 1]
You my favorite shawty, fell in love with you
Our conversation's like her pussy, I fuck with it
And I ain't gon' short stick it, I'ma light my torch with it
The way it got me comin' back, I'm like "what's in it?"
That other girl trippin', talkin' 'bout these bitches, I got an old lady
I ain't married, though, I don't play like that
Tell that nigga better watch you sayin'
Fuck that, better watch who you play with
Fuck that, young niggas ain't playin'
Learned you by heart, you my favorite


[Verse 2]
Wanna hold your hand, gonna walk you down that isle, baby
Ain't no racin', we pacin', wanna give you my child, baby
Your hand, I take it, happy, I make you
Your friends always hatin'
But tell 'em they could never break us
Don't want nobody, I ain't standin' nobody but you
You know I love you, can't trust nobody, won't love nobody but you
You got the key to my heart
I'm the same me from the start
And that's who? Rich Homie, baby


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