Keep It Goin Songtext - Rich Homie Quan

Keep It Goin - Rich Homie Quan

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
Don't mean nothin' nigga, I ain't never had shit
Ain't never had a nigga for nothin'
Pulled up on your bitch, she wouldn't wanna fuck
So I pulled out, cause she was bluffin'
I ain't with that shit, got too much gashes up in my neck
I be up on [?]
Started out with the onion, I swear
Pull up on your bitch with the hummer
Pull up on your bitch, no corner
And I ain't even really wanna fuck her, yeah, nah I'm lyin'
12 get behind me on a high speed chase
You already know a young nigga flyin'
Horse power, horse power, here I came chargin', man
I don't know what I do without my family, I swear
I don't know what I do without my nigga, boy, I swear
I don't know what I do without this money, boy, I swear
But I ain't goin' broke no more, I swear
Got a bank roll, don't chase hoes, too many fishes in that sea
Spent 3 billion, change clothes, bang on the block, yeah, money
I don't know what I'mma die for, but I swear to god
I'm making lanes for myself, and assume everything
Believe in me like I believe in you, lil' mama
She kindly like me, cuz I hit her with that thunder
Stayed down so long I had no choice but to come up
Shout out to Future, every time I'm in the club
I fuck up commas, commas, commas, commas
I'm a motherfucker, I hit your mama, mama, mama, mama
Run up on me, boy, it's gonna be trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma
YB tell that nigga that I'll put a [?]

[Verse 2: Yung Booke]
On the Rich Homie, hell nah, you ain't one of my niggas
One shine, we all shine, diamond blind, every time the light hit it
Road to riches, die to get it
Swiping bitches, they ain't gettin' no realer
Get paid, keep it real, fuck with the niggas who was broke with you
(I bought a new collar nigga?) In that just what I did
No new niggas in my crew, been rockin' since we were kids
You ain't need no shovel to dig
What the fuck comes [?] top, I'mma grind more weed
And don't give no fuck, do it for your family
Know what they say, fuck what the critic think
Do it for 'em, do it for your fuckin' family
Fuck all the hoes, I say fuck all the money
When it come to the end, nobody gonna be there but who?
I say your family
I said your family

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