Should I Songtext - Rich Homie Quan

Should I - Rich Homie Quan


[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
Should I fuck her or her best friend, I'm still contemplating
Should I drive the 'Rari or the Benz, I'm still contemplating
Shoot that .40 or that FN, I'm still contemplating
I'm patient but I never leave that money waiting

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
Never leave the money waitin', run it up for your mamma's sake
Commas out like conversate, money come 100 ways
I will nickel it and dime it, every corner played
100 rounds on the K, 100 niggas on the way
If you wrong, it's your tongue that I'm gone get
I'm a dog, you the bone that I'm gone get
Left too long, now she gone, she my bitch
Hey Thug, you want (?)
Contemplating on which one I'm 'bout to hit
Which one I'm bout to work
And I don't care nothin' bout no Birkin bag, pick out a purse
And I don't give a fuck about who had it last cause I had it first
(?) throw you in the dirt

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
I'mma run it up for free, drink water like a lake
Feed my dogs child plates, buyin' roses, never late
Buyin' cars, 10 plates, pink slip on the way
You can ask (?), bought a 100 pair of J's
I might pull up with my nigga ready to pull the trigger
My pockets full that's why I feel like JT The Bigga Figga
I'm bleedin' like the original pack of skittles
$10,000 worth of rings on my toes, no mistle
Walk inside the bank with the bands to the teller
Don't look like that
Nigga I just might do the remix and say don't get booked like that
But if you pullin' up on Bleveland for no fuckin' reason
We gone rob your ass on sight, we playin', that's teasin'

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]

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