Take My Hand Songtext - Rich Homie Quan

Take My Hand - Rich Homie Quan

[?] i might as well get suited and booted, man. Thinking bout tying the knot bro'. forreal

I just might just pull up on his ass and spray em out
I just caught a case and my lawyer I paid him out
Hundred thousand dollars for aggravated assault
I didn't want that temp car but a nigga had just bought one

If I want yo bitch boy I bet you'll come up off her
In the outfield with my glove yeah you know I had done caught her
Shawty fine like a muhfucker, yeah
She don't tell me no every time she wanna fuck she say

I got her screaming like (yeah)
She can't stop sangin' (yeah)
Quan Quan Quan tellem (yeah)

(Rich Homie Baby) Love the way she shake, just how she do it
Yeah, the opposite of no, she gon' tell me no if she don't wanna go
We can't keep goin' backwards this not deja vu
Oh oh ooh
No no don't call
I cheated I might buy you a thousand roses
I'm the best and you know this

Lemme make it up if you mad at me
Hate to see you sad at me
Baby girl don't take it to your head, I go Advil
Them niggas side-line hating, call it adlibs
Don't blame me for your past, I'm not that last nigga
She can't leave that easy,invested cash in him
She a Aquarius she keep that mad in her
But I can't please her, no way I'm tryin' but I can't

Just like a vow I tell her
I love the way you are (I love it I love it)
I said that I love the way that you are (I love it I love it)
It's something 'bout you that I can't put my finger on cause I don't know what it is [x2]
Baby lets get married, we can walk down the isle
Baby lets get married, Imma give you a child
Take my hand Imma take yours too
Take my hand Imma take yours too
Baby take my hand (take it), hand (take it)

Walk you down the isle like I'm your daddy
I got something hard for you not no candy
I told her tell her child call me "Uncle Randy"
That's just because I don't want him all in our business

I don't care nothing 'bout nobody but you
I said now I don't want nobody else but you
Inglewood family [?]
Talk shit on this track boy, I got some niggas who'll come and find you
Why these country niggas wanna talk that
When they know that I'll run out
But they ain't never bout shit
I got me a whole line up, nothin' but them hundred dolla
Muhfuckin' bill, Ben Frank
Made me who I'm is nigga

And I can't help it but I'm feeling like

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