Hairline Fracture Songtext - Rise Against

Hairline Fracture - Rise Against

A sinking ship, an awkward kiss
A chance to set things straight
The kind of hurt that burns and burns
Like fires we can't contain

We hole up in a shelter made of bones and ice and there we'll wait
So start again with steady hands
This time nothing gets in our way
But as we peer a little closer what do we see?

A crack in the surface
A flaw in the plan
(Plans we made together, almost buried in the sand)
A cadence imperfect
Like a building condemned
(Can we indemnify ourselves if we don't face what we're against)

A promise kept
The dirt unswept
A poorly worn disguise
A child unloved that then grows up
To love what we despise

We're broken but still breathing
We are wounded but we are healing
We pick up right where we left off
Breathe on the ashes that remain

So that these coals may become fire
To guide our way


I walk on wounds
That seldom prove to slow me down
I laugh this constant pain away
So you can't tell
But there it lies under the smiles
It drains me mile after mile
But seldom proves to slow me down
Here I go
Here I go
Here I go

Should we just hold on
To what remains of
What we thought was lost

But it's just


A crack in the surface
a crack in the surface.

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