Kotov Syndrome Songtext - Rise Against

Kotov Syndrome - Rise Against

There, high on the watchtower
Keeping the peace
Whatever that means
'Cause you see the world through
Cross hairs and TVs don't you

Ten foot walls built around us
White picket death
So quiet, so safe
If we fall there'll be nothing
No one to catch us
Sit back and watch as we

Spin out of control
Spin out of control
Try to recover, but collide with each other
We spin out of control

Something I can't change
I was born in a place
That lives by the sword
And thus to it's blade we're condemned
Don't you understand why
We scream "no more" (no more)

My dreams are of children
Orphaned by blood
Spilled at these hands
And here on the graves
Of the innocent
We raise our flag


Some things you don't forgive some things you don't forget
Sometimes the fate you suffer is so much worse than death
We're way off course now and we're drifting off to sea
So cut the anchor on your heart to be set free


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