Just Wanna Rock N’ Roll Songtext - Rodney Atkins

Just Wanna Rock N’ Roll - Rodney Atkins

[Verse 1]
Times are tough and times are strange
But time's one thing that you can't change
Love is a noun and love is a verb
But sometimes love is a dirty word
It don't matter what tomorrow brings
Tonight you just need to think about one thing
And that's showing up and letting go
And maybe getting just a little out of control

And sing ohh
Don't you just wanna rock 'n' roll
Gather up a couple of friends
Let a shot hit the spot
And the party begin
And sing ohhh yeah
Don't you just wanna rock 'n' roll
Lose yourself out in the crowd
In the night, in the lights
Cuttin' loose some love
Drown all the stressed up
Theft up messed up out
That's all I'm talking about

[Verse 2]
The sun will shine
And the clouds will rain
Might have to learn to smile through the pain
You lose a step but you gain a friend
Might even catch a break every now and then
So don't sweat it just let it slide
And when you get on the road baby let it ride
You gotta get up to get down
You gotta unwind a little to come on 'round


And when you get tired of trying to be
Who they want you to be
Be what you wanna be
Well come on, come on


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