Daylight Songtext - Ron Pope

Daylight - Ron Pope

I've seen sad, dark times
And I have waited for the sun to rise
And I've seen sad, dark times
Waited for rain

And all I know
Is whenever I am far from home
There are nights
When the words seem out of place

Well, I have walked alone
And the stars have tried to guide me home
And I have walked alone, lost in the fog

And all I find
Are faded pictures from some distant life
And I wish to God
I could see your eyes

And I ain't got no magic potion
All I know is that we're better off together
Than we ever were alone
So if you let me try
Just give me time
Woman, I will find a way to help you ease your
Troubled mind

If the morning comes
I'll be thankful just to see the sun
But the daylight seems so far away

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