40 Years Back Come Songtext - Röyksopp

40 Years Back Come - Röyksopp

Come Back
Bananarama - Come Back
I haven't heard from you in a week
I thought that we had something special
Come back my love to my heart
And finish what you started

Who's that knocking on my door
Could it be you coming back for more
Can I trust you to be true this time
Do you need some help in making up your mind
You leave me wanting this love that we share
So stop all this pretending that you don't care

Come back with my heart
Baby stay with me and finish what you started
Come back my love to my heart
You'll never get away until you finish what you started

When conversation turns to new romance
All you ever want to do is dance
I need a lover who can give and take
Someone who'll never make my heart break
Love is forever to always be there
So stop your running round and baby play fair


Don't take too long 'cause time races on
Baby please don't make me wait


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